Important note regarding English Classes:

Due to medical leave of our English speaking instructor there will be no English Classes starting 1st of June 2023 until 1st of June 2024. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best Driving School in Cracow

We have been teaching how to drive a car since 2008.   

  • we have experience in training drivers
  • we provide training for categories A, A2, B
  • we conduct driving licence in cars with automatic gearbox

Driving licence in English

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We will help you become a good driver in Poland

Driving licence in Poland

Want to get driving licence in Poland? Then great! Our Driving School will help you pass your test. With us you will learn about traffic regulations and how to drive a car correctly. You will also learn the techniques of driving a vehicle and pass Poland driving license test in English. WEGA has long experience in training drivers in both English and Spanish. With us you can choose the instructor and the car you want to pass with the exam. We drive a Toyota Auris Hybrid, a Fiat 500 and also a Toyota Yaris and Hyundai i20l. If you wish, you can also take the course in a car with automatic transmission.


Driving licence in Poland for foreigners

According to the EU Directive 2006/126 / EC, a foreigner who stays in Poland:

  • at least 185 days per year,
  • has a permanent residence card,
  • is a student who resides in Poland for at least 6 months

may take a course on the category B driving licence.


as much time as you need

Accelerated course

driving licence in 4 weeks


driving licence in 2 weeks

Medical examinations


In order to take up a driving course at our school, you need a medical examination. You do not have to look for a doctor in Krakow to carry out this examination. We have a doctor who cooperates with our school. So all you need to do is enrol on a course, and we will help you to get your examination done quickly.

Types of courses


Choose the best course for you

Standard course

3000 PLN

  • 30 driving hours
  • Internal examination included in the price
  • Teaching aids
Accelerated course

3400 PLN

  • 30 driving hours
  • Driving licence in 4 weeks
  • Teaching aids
Express course

3800 PLN

  • The entire course in 2 weeks
  • Theory in one weekend
  • Teaching aids


Additional Driving Hours

Do you need more driving course hours? Or have you failed your driving test? We can help you! Sign up for additional driving for 200 PLN per hour

Drive with WEGA

We help you to receive a special PKK number, which's necessary to start a category B driving course in Poland. If you decide to take your course at WEGA, you will also have the necessary medical examination at our school. There is a doctor at the WEGA Driving School every Wednesday afternoon.

WEGA school is one of the best driving schools in Krakow. 7 out of 10 students pass their driving test after learning at our school. We offer the possibility to rent a car for the exam. You can do it twice - at no extra charge. This is a very convenient option which is often used by our students. This allows them to take the exam in the car they used during their course. This is very convenient, especially if you are nervous before the exam.


Driving school Cracow

We also offer a driving course in a car with automatic transmission. This is a great solution for people who are worried that their car will stop on the road or who cannot manage the gearbox.

We will help you understand the Polish road regulations and show you how to drive in all weather conditions. With WEGA driving school you will not be afraid of the test or of driving yourself

Terms of admission

  • You must be at least 17 years and 9 months old
  • PKK number - an individual driver profile number that identifies you as a learner. Once you have completed your learning, it will allow you to register for the final state examination. To apply for a PKK number, you will need to go to the relevant City Hall, depending on the address on your residence card.
  • Residence Card - is a plastic identification card, which in most cases you should already have.
  • Medical certificate
  • Fill in an application form - The form can be picked up at the Town Hall.
  • Your photo for your driving licence - Your photo must meet several formal requirements (including a size of 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm). Request a photo for your driving licence from the photographers.
  • Documentation of a psychological examination if you are applying for a professional driving licence

WEGA driving school

We not only prepare you for your test,but also teach you how to drive safely!

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